Cosmetic Treatments

Look and Feel Your Best With Lime Beauty’s Range of Cosmetic Treatments

Your Skin - a Canvas for Life

Skin – our bodies are wrapped in it – fair or dark – young and old.  It becomes the canvas for our features and having our skin look its best is important.

Cosmetic procedures and lasers are constantly changing and evolving, we now view the face in its entirety to create a more balanced, youthful, naturally beautiful look. Often it is through the combination of clinical, cosmetic, and laser treatments that the best results are achieved to ultimately make your skin look as healthy and youthful as possible and to shed years in your skin’s appearance. There are a number of procedures that can be combined to enhance your results.

Our qualified therapists will design a customized treatment plan with the most effective combination of treatments to achieve your desired results. All treatments begin with an in-depth skin consultation to discuss concerns and achievable improvements. From this analysis, a personalized program is established allowing the therapist to recommend treatment and home care products.  

After a detailed skin analysis your aesthetician will tailor your facial experience to meet your skins needs. Your skin changes with the seasons and so should your skincare routine!

Skin Consultations

A proper skin consultation will enable your trained therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your skin and prescribe a course of treatment that is both safe and effective. Your experienced therapist will be aware of any concerns you may have, as well as your medical history and previous treatments.

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